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Krafft, based in Spain, started in 1953 to offer high quality products for steel, cement, automotive, construction and industry. In the last 50 years, Krafft has become an undisputed company for chemicals production, research and marketing in more than 50 countries.

Since 2004 Krafft is a part of ITW group (Illinois Tool Works), USA. Krafft has been manufacturing specialized lubricants like polyurea greases for steel industry, Girth gear lubricants for cement industry, greases for CV joints in automotive industry and many more.

Krafft’s aim is to satisfy customer requirements, anticipating their needs and responding in a creative and competitive way with products improving their life quality.

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Grease based on complex lithium soap and mineral oil, with adhesion improvers. It is very stable against the water and provides outstanding anticorrosion properties. It contains chemical and solid Extreme Pressure additives (a synergetic mixture of graphite and disulphide of molybdenum).

Free of lead, heavy metals and other products detrimental to the environment.


Thanks to its high load carrying capacity, KL-COMPLEX 2.000 is recommended for heavy duty machines, even at high temperatures: in joints, slow roller and plain bearings etc., working in hard ambient conditions (mud, dust, water, etc.) and under high loads and impacts.

It is particularly suitable in Cement (Roller Press bearings), Steel Industries, and Public Works (for example shovel wheel bearings), where very often are encountered water and dust in mechanisms submitted to high loads and impacts, at temperatures between -10 up to +150ºC.


KGP-2/PLEX 1500

It is a highly refined mineral oil based grease with complex aluminium thickener and with a high concentration of solid lubricants additives which together with chemical type additives provide optimum lubricating characteristics:

KGP-2/PLEX 1500 has been designed with such a fluidity that it can be applied by pulverisation, but still keeping enough adhesion on the gears metallic surfaces.

KGP-2/PLEX 1500 is free of lead, heavy metals, asphalt (bitumen), solvent and other products detrimental to the environment.


KGP-2/PLEX 1500 has been specially developed to be applied by pulverisation on open or semi-open gears of any dimension and particularly for gears with special problems of vibrations, impact loads, and/or high temperatures.

Depending of the tangential speed, it can be used also for gears lubricated by dip lubrication.

KGP-2/PLEX 1500 KGP-2/PLEX 1500

S I T E L A – 2

SITELA-2 is a grease based on polyurea thickener and mineral oil, with special additives: anticorrosion, antioxidant and antiwear. It has a high drop point and high stability against water. It is a long lasting grease to be used between -25 up to -170ºC. SITELA-2 is free of lead, heavy metals and other products detrimental to the environment.


SITELA-2 is especially designed to be applied in any kind of roller and plain bearings, even at high speed as well in joints, pins and bushings, wagons housing boxes and so on, where it is needed protection against ambient water and moisture.

A typical application is in steel industry on the continuous casting line and on the hot milling: for the roller’s bearings. Thanks to its high drop point and high stability at extreme temperatures, it allows increase the relubrication periods where the temperatures are close to +180ºC.

S I T E L A – 2 S I T E L A – 2

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